I like surprises. That’s probably no surprise, I suspect this is true for most artists, but I also like expecting a surprise and then being surprised that there is no surprise. I like looking inside to find out how something works. I like scientific discovery. I like detective stories — surveillance equipment — hidden clues. I like interesting change. I like patterns and then in turn, a break in the pattern. And I like how two different patterns can merge to create a new, much more complicated third. I like how an unexpected reaction in a system can reveal the nature of invisible forces — conspiracy.

And I like creating — keeping record — falsifying the record. I like finding the relevant edges — controlling the light — revealing only the important details. I like to decide what’s important.

And I know that it fails, and I like how it fails. I know that I’ll see something and I’ll render a reaction and you’ll see my reaction but you’ll get it all wrong. Or maybe I got it wrong. Or maybe we’re both wrong. Or neither.

You see, no matter what I do, you bring along everything you already know and feel and believe about trees and jet planes and traffic jams and people and what is dangerous and what makes you feel safe. And maybe you look until the symbols no longer stand for anything. Maybe you see that these pictures are open for interpretation. That’s when you add your own color. That’s when you render your own reactions.


How did you get here?
Can you get back?
Did you keep records - did
you make a map? Is it
real what you’ve seen and
if you do tell - will the
mess of your language
ruin the spell? And
doesn’t your audit fall
short of your view by
polluting the data and
changing what’s true?

Ron Lent